Dinosaurs Divorce


I loved the breakdown of common divorce terms in the beginning of the book for children of divorce to understand. The book was well illustrated and comical, the dinosaurs with hair and eating peanut butter with pickles was uplifting considering the nature of the book. I would have liked to have seen the message on the final page " one thing that never changes is your parents' love for you" either earlier or repeated throughout the book because it is the most important message for making children of divorce to know.

I noticed that the mother dinosaur at the beginning of the book was the one displaying destructive behavior that "hurt the rest of the family" with little balance from the father parent. As a child of divorce I remember not being able to process that although my mother was making difficult decisions and attempting to shield me from my fathers cheating, she was often portrayed as the "bad parent." Children are sensitive to such subliminal messaging, from what I gleaned from the pictures it appears that the mother was alcoholic and abusive and made the father leave.

I also took issue with the need to be kind to step parents and to show respect. I would have re-worded the message to be one of trust your feelings and encourage the child to give them a chance but not ever to feel obligated to show feelings that are not genuine to a step parent.

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