Love From London (The Principles of Love, #3)


After leaving boarding school to study at the London Academy of Drama and Music, Love Bukowski is learning a lot, especially about love. Too bad the guy she's falling for is off-limits. But she's got plenty to take her mind (if not her lips) off said British Boy. And it's not like there isn't enough going on back in the States. For starters, Love's dad has a new girlfriend, her Aunt Mable is fighting breast cancer, the guy she left behind hooked up with the biggest you-know-what on campus, and her vocal lessons keep getting harder. Maybe life is trying to tell her something-or maybe she's just distracted by all that London (and love) have to offer.

About the Author:
Emily Franklin split her formative years between Boston and London. After studying at Oxford University and graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, she worked as a chef on historic yachts and sailboats, an English teacher, and a freelance writer before earning her Master's degree from Dartmouth College. She is also the author of Liner Notes, a novel published by Downtown Press.

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