Power Shopping Guidebook


The Power Shopping Guidebook is the planner for saving more money . . . and making money . . . every time you shop.

The guidebook shows you how to ORGANIZE and SIMPLIFY your efforts if you want to step up your power shopping game. The guide is all about leveraging your efforts with an approach that is efficient, effective, easy to use – an approach that fits well into your day to day life.

And the Power Shopping Guidebook gives you a way to make the most of those electronic devices that are already part of your life.

If you have an email address, an Amazon account (free), use any of the following – iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch, Droid, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, PC, MAC – then the Power Shopping Guide is for you.

You’ll be pleased to know you can sync your guide across all your electronic devices. You can make the Power Shopping Guidebook your own with Kindle AND your other electronic devices in ways that haven’t worked as well as we’d always hoped they would – until now.

That’s the Kindle advantage for the Power Shopping Guidebook. Available to you for the very sensible price of $0.99. Why? Because we want you to see – first hand – how easy it is to manage, control and grow your own purchasing power. We want to make it very easy for you to try the Power Shopping Guidebook. You’re going to like the way it fits easily into your day to day life. And you’re going to be very pleased with the leverage it adds to your purchasing power.

PDF Kate Campbell download Power Shopping Guidebook

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