Blake Pemberton knew he had to be dreaming, or else he'd lost his mind - there was an enchanting green-haired alien standing next to his bed! But it was Nichelle Clay who froze at the sight of the sinfully gorgeous man wrapped in one thin, rumpled sheet. In all the Wednesdays she'd come to clean Blake's apartment as the chief of Leprechaun, Inc., she hadn't ever run into the man whose shorts she folded and whose bed she stripped - and she'd never imagined how devastating he'd be in the flesh! But when Blake asked her to dinner, she refused - he was out of her league...and out of the question. She was determined to show him they had nothing in common, but the sweet heat he sent racing through her whenever they touched filled her with wonder - and longing. Could Blake teach his doubting pixie that love could build a bridge from her world to his?

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