Dahlia the Vampire Vol. 2 (Daria za vanpaia II)


The second volume of Dahlia the Vampire leaves me wanting for more of Dahlia's adventure.

Although the backstory about Dahlia, an ageless beautiful female vampire who is doomed to wander the world in search for her long lost sire/lover, is a bit on the cliches side. Still I enjoy how Dahlia's personality is revealed in this second volume of the series. She is a passionate lover yet she is uncaring (for most part) toward her preys, she doesn't mind killing men to satisfy her thirst but on the other hand she can be tender to those she favored.

That's so much better than those goody-two-shoes vampires we always find in YA novels.

The first story is the most finely plotted among the three short stories included in Vol.2, but the two other stories also make up with the air of mysterious and the well described interactions among characters. All of the characters are exquisitely drawn and the vampires under Miss Kakinouchi's pen, can move with such grace that it's enjoyable to see them in action. I also enjoy how the relationships among vampires and mortals are being presented to us.

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