The Cake is a Lie


Female characters are at the center of seven emotionally charged short stories that will leave you surprised and delighted. .

In “The Twilight of a Day Breaker,” a female vampire contemplates making the ultimate sacrifice for her human boyfriend… even if he doesn't deserve it!

Social media is the stylistic setting for “The Caged Bird Tweets” as a woman breaks free from the mask she has been forced to wear for years.

“Moveable Wardrobe” follows Karina as she tries to stand tall after an ugly breakup… only to discover that her ex-boyfriend hasn't quite finished with their relationship.

What begins in “Special Photograph” as just another bad date for Cynthia, ends up turning into a mysterious photo shoot in Chinatown where she has the chance to meet the man of her dreams.

A pair of female “Roommates” reunite under trying circumstances. But their meeting rekindles a beautiful memory... which ends up evoking the beauty of their past relationship.

In "Je Regrette Tout," the only story set in the past, a young woman break into her father's barber shop so she can have a critical face to face showdown with her boyfriend.

The collection concludes with “Life Lines” as a couple’s long marriage ends up being turned upside down by a surprise secret…

Seven Stories.
Seven impossible-to-guess twists.
Seventeen thousand words of text.

Plus, sample excerpts from five other books by the same author. Another thirteen thousand words!

“The Cake is a Lie” is a compelling collection of short stories, , about the things that really matter in life - connecting with those around us!

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