MaryAnn Diorio's Do Angels Ride Ponies is a heart-warming tale of Jeremiah, a young wheel-chair bound boy with cerebral palsy who dreams of riding a pony in heaven. When the gentle, old farmhand Jake suggests that anything is possible if a person believes, Jeremiah becomes determined to ride a pony way before he gets to Heaven. The story is beautiful, and I found myself emotionally touched by it. Tears filled my eyes at the ending. I also loved the message that this book sends, that anything is possible if we believe. I would recommend this book to anyone, from any walk of faith and any age. This book is filled with compassion, and the Biblical phrase, "Anything is possible if a person believes," is easily one of the most powerful and truthful statements of all time.

PDF MaryAnn Diorio download DO ANGELS RIDE PONIES?

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