Glen & Tyler's Paris Double-cross (Glen & Tyler #3)


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I have read the first two books in this series and really enjoyed them. Everything I liked about them is even better in this third installment.

Glen and Tyler have been together for a few years now. It shows in that they are more confident in their relationship, making the scenes between them, as well as when separated, even stronger this time around.

Their humor also comes through in both subtle and guffaw-worthy ways. Yup, I guffawed more than once. And giggled. And definitely smiled.

The story is hyper-realistic like the ones that came before it, but it works for these characters and this writer's style. It's total escapism yet it feels earthy due to the relationships between all of the characters: friendships, lovers, family, trusted colleagues, all of them. I like that mix. It gives me the chance to escape and yet easily connect to these people and their surroundings, their conversations and difficulties.

The heat level is a bit higher in this one compared to the others, but again it's mostly off-page and isn't the focus of the story. The adventure, danger, humor and heroics are the stars of this show.

Due to some of the aspects of this story, it's a bit heavier in subject matter than Glen and Tyler have encountered before. This is never allowed to go so far as to overshadow the action movie type feel to the story, though. Again, an enjoyable mix.

This is one that definitely lands on my comfort food shelf, right along with the first two books in the series.

I hope Mr. Sanders continues to write more of Glen & Tyler's adventures. I will definitely be there to join in the fun. :D

This was one of the best narrations I've listened to in some time. Truly. Rollins had to do German, French and British accents. He had to speak some lines in French and German. He had a unique voice for each character, all of them different ages and nationalities, some humorous, some stoic, I loved them all.

It's not easy to keep all of those straight, let alone do it as a performance and maintain the tension, allow the humor to come through and vary the tenor, along with matching the tone to the intentions of the characters. I just loved it.

Sanders has wonderful humor in his stories and Rollins translates that audibly to near perfection. It's such a treat to hear Glen and Tyler teasing each other. It's fun to hear them getting cute and passionate and taking care of business when it comes to helping those they love.

I highly recommend Brian Rollins and his narration. I just checked and he's done all three of the books in this series. I may have to pick those up, too! :D

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