Mill People


"We are mill people." This is the Finney family motto and they have all worked at the cotton mill for generations in the small southern town of Whispering Falls. When young Jesse Finney turns sixteen in 1975, she also follows the family tradition of going to work at the mill.

Mill People shares fascinating insights into one family's life surviving generations in a small town due to the prosperity of the mill. Author Alle Wells creates realistic and interesting characters that portray a convincing view of life in a small southern town. From the time period after WWII to the late 1970s, many people in small town America depended upon the mills and factories to provide good paying jobs. By the 1980s, many of these jobs faded away as big business moved out of country for cheaper labor. Alle reflects how this affected the mill families in this small town and the resilience of Americans to find a way to go on when everything else falls down around them.

I love how Alle writes, bringing you back in time and making you feel as if you are really there. I highly recommend Mill People to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

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