Lust Moon


Her car breaks down in the middle of the night, and finding herself trapped on the misty, mysterious moor - alone but for her fears and anxieties - the marked and unfortunate young woman soon hears the cry of the wolves! She runs, but to her surprise and relief, she is caught by a man; tall, dark, and brutally assertive. As she soon learns, however, things are not as they seem. Clothes are torn from bodies, and before she has a chance to react, she's trapped within his spell! Can the mysterious stranger suppress his animal instincts - and otherworldly transformation - long enough to save her from the pack? Or will she fall victim to his bloodlusting thirst, and become just another body on the moors?

This blood-raging, fluid-dripping, brutally descriptive 4150 word erotic short story features extremely graphic depiction of rough, shapeshifter sex, of all shapes and positions, culminating in a explosive climax!

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