What Makes A Rembrandt A Rembrandt?


It is in our family's plan to homeschool. I feel that we have most subjects well covered. Art is not one of those. I struggle to draw stick figures and my husband is not much better. Art technique may be beyond us, but art appreciation and art history is not.

Since my eldest child is almost four I figured I had better get a move on figuring out how to teach her all the things she'll no doubt need to be a successful adult human.

I decided to search to see what other home educators were using to teach art to their students. No need to reinvent the wheel, after all. I came across this line of books.

While we have a very large home library we have limited room, and therefore I like to research books before I try to acquire them. Enter my local library.

This book was the one that was available in my local library. I am pleased to say that it was an interesting read. It gave a bit of a biography as well as a description of his technique and what made him unique as an artist. I learned a lot and I am pleased to say it made it to my kids' Amazon wishlist.

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