Good Grief, Charlie Brown! (Peanuts Coronet, #12)


I spent quite a lot of time drawing as a child.The Peanuts books which were being published, one after another, while I was in elementary school were attractive not only because of their humor but also because they were easy to copy.

When Mom, my brother and I took the HMS Milora from Duluth/Superior to Bremenhaven in '62, I brought along many of the Peanuts books I'd collected to that point and spent hours refining my technique until able to do a fair imitation of Schultz' work.This was before all the Great Pumpkin and Red Baron stuff as I recall, before the Peanuts Christmas show and the other stuff which, it seemed to me, broke the feeling I had of a special connection with the artist and with some of his characters, Charlie Brown and Linus in particular. (Oh, I admired Snoopy and he may have been my favorite, but he was too deep, too timelessly wise for me as a ten-year-old to identify with.)

When I got back to the States and to George Washington School in the fall I went about setting up an unofficial Peanuts club.Members were each associated with particular figures from the strip.I, the founder, was Charlie Brown.Generous to a fault, I actually saved up money and bought a miniature piano for our Linus figure.Lucy's role was taken by Nancy Stinton, the girl, six inches taller than me, of my heart's desire—already then, love was associated with dread failure.

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