Desert Heat


Different book—same characters

I’d like to start this review by stating that Cindy Gerard is an extremely talented writer and I wish that I could give Desert Heat 5 stars, but the fact is that I simply can not. Don’t get me wrong, this book is very well written as all of Ms. Gerard’s books are—the woman can’t help but write well—that is not my problem. My issue with Desert Heat is the characters. Elena Martinez and Zeth King are the exact same characters that Ms. Gerard has in her Black Ops series: the dialogue, the banter, and even their personal appearance—all the same.The heroine that is strong and never sheds a tear of fear in a dire situation, and the mighty alpha male that makes jokes and can’t help but get an erection for the unwavering heroine during said dire situation. All the same.

Mind you, Desert Heat is not part of a series. It is a stand-alone novella. I have read all of Gerard’s Black Ops books, and loved every one of them, so I decided to download something different that she has written only to find the same characters following the same formula, similar bad guys, and an all too familiar ending. I was disappointed.

As I said, Desert Heat is a well-written adventure in the Grand Canyon, but it will have you asking yourself, where have I read this before?Love you, Cindy but this book gets 3 Stars.

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