Little Red Cap


This is the original Little Red Riding Hood.

There have been many versions which I find fascinating.

This one has a girl who loves her little red cap that her grandma made her go out to grandma's house (just like in the story) to give her some food because she is sick.

Mom tells her to stay on the path but the wolf coaxes her off to pick flowers for her grandma.

The wolf eats grandma then eats Little Red Cap and falls asleep cuz apparently people have Tryptophan in them.

A hunter goes down to check on grandma too and discovers the wolf passes out with his big belly and decides to kill the wolf and then is like "HOLD UP! Maybe he ate grandma!"

He uses some kitchen scissors to cut the wolf open which can not be at all sterile and then grandma and Red Cap climb out of the wolf.

Then they gather some rocks and sew them into the wolf's belly just like the mama goat did in "The Wolf and the Seven Kids". Now... you have to wonder why people keep sewing rocks into wolves' bellies. Is it cuz they want to trick them into thinking they still ate the people while you 'neener neener' them cuz they didn't?

Anyways, the wolf wakes up and dies right on the spot because of course the hunter has no surgical experience and I'm sure the people inside him damaged some organs or caused internal bleeding.

Then Little Red Cap ventures home and always stays on the path after that.

I'm betting the moral of this one is of course "STRANGER DANGER"!!

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