Rock Hard (Hard, Hot 'N Sweaty, #1)


Caught between a rock and a hard place two men stare death in the eyes and all bets are off.

Aidan Walker never envisioned death would come for him so soon, but holding on for dear life he knew his time is up. Matt Raine lives for the adrenaline rush his professional rock climbing career brings him, but saving another climbers life was not on his daily to-do list. During agonizing minutes of terror, Matt rouses something in Aiden he would've never thought possible. After their ordeal Aidan finds he can't get Matt out of his mind and Matt seems to have the same problem as he surprises Aidan with a naughty visit. Can Aidan accept Matt in his life or is the price too high?

PDF Vona Logan download Rock Hard (Hard, Hot 'N Sweaty, #1)

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