Mastering the Tarot


No student of the tarot should be without this book. Juliet Sharman-Burke peels back the layers of symbolism of the Major Arcana, teaches you how to strengthen your intuitive response to all the cards, and demonstrates ways of improving your technique in reading them.

Conceived as a teaching platform to further your understanding of the tarot, Mastering the
Tarot includes questions raised by Juliet's own students to illustrate important issues, plus
exercises to heighten your imagination and intuitive response. The uses of a variety of spreads
are explained and a detailed case study illustrates an in-depth reading.

The text is illustrated in colour by cards from a range of classic decks, including the fifteenth-
century Visconti-Sforza, the early twentieth-century Universal Waite, and the more recent
Mythic Tarot and Arthurian decks.

-In-depth analysis of the Major Arcana
-Study of Minor Arcana includes astrological and numerological links
-Practical exercises and question-and-answer features throughout
-Illustrated with full-colour classic card reproductions

PDF Juliet Sharman-Burke download Mastering the Tarot

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