Inspector Imanishi Investigates


Inspector Imanishi Investigates? Yes he does. Even on bank holidays. He takes annual leave ... in order to investigate. He spends his wife's savings on investigating.

In the best traditions of these fictional detectives, Imanishi has annoying hobbies that have to be mentioned in every other chapter. His are haiku and bonsai. Yawn. It reminds me of a scene from the best TV comedy ever written, 'Spaced':

"Come up with any exciting literary characters lately?"
"Yeah, actually, yes. 'Dizzy Steinway'."
"I like it. I like it! What is she, some sort of crimebusting jazz singer?"
"No, actually it's the name I'm using to sign on."

"Mr Sekjigawa Shigeo will leave for Paris on an Air France flight on December 25th ..." I was at departures in Narita on 25th December one year! It was very busy, and we all watched Kojima Yoshio on the TVs around the lounges. The Air France flight to Paris was called and almost everyone boarded. I can't remember the exact figure but it was 11 or 15 left for the British Airways flight to London. On a 747! We're not talking about my carbon footprint.

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