Snow Right and the Seven Butterflies


"Snow Right and the Seven Butterflies"
Allan Jay Friedman and Victoria Howard
"Snow White" Meets "Happy Feet"
"Snow White and the Seven Butterflies" is a True-Life Adventure about a group of noble butterflies who save the world. It is a Magical Tale of Enlightenment for everyone, that educates and enlightens while revealing what is happening to our planet; and, what we can do, together, to help "Change the World" for the better.
We use one of the most beautiful of God's creations, the 'Butterfly, ' as our metaphor; for, it is the most innocent, sensitive and loving creature on earth.
Somewhere, throughout the centuries, greed, the need for power, jealousy and hatred took over our world. It is our obligation to reveal who really created this kind of world and transform it back into the Magical Paradise that God created it to be.
"Snow White and the Seven Butterflies" fulfills this mission in an entertaining and fun-packed action-adventure, that is a combination of "Beauty and the Beast," "The Wizard of Oz," and "Happy Feet," with a universal theme of: how to become a miracle-maker.
"Snow White and the Seven Butterflies," the book, will also be a movie musical, Broadway Musical and a major toy, doll, video-game and product line.

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