Scarlet Ribbons


Scarlet Ribbons is a supernatural drama set within the mind of Maggie Haynes,a coma victim. She is a young self-centred woman who thought her life was perfect.
Then one day, a dirty blue car careers out of control and mows Maggie down, leaving her in a coma for two long years. In the darkness of the coma, she is aware of what is happening but unable to communicate with the outside world. In her anger and frustration she is taken away to a nightmare world, full of poverty, violence and horror, making her realise just how shallow and sheltered her own life had been.
Scarlet Ribbons is about Maggie's struggle to come to terms with the horror and brutality she sees in both worlds. Things she had always chosen to ignore in the hopes that they would go away, suddenly matter a great deal and she must fight to get her life back.

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