The Quiz Book For Boys


Jake's Review: Mom, you are not going to donate this one to the Spina Bifida raffle are you, because I really like it — and I broke the spine anyway (yup my 8yr old IS trained to be careful with books, much to book hating hubby's dismay)I can't wait to do these quiz's with all my friends at school. Some of the quiz's were weird, but I still liked them.This would be a great book for a long car ride instead of those stupid word games you make me play. Are there any more books by this author?
Rating: 10/10

Mom's Review:The whole family had so much fun with this one — well except for Jesse - who just wanted to eat it.The quiz's are short and fun to do and in many cases made us laugh our butts off.It actually took a long time to get Jake's opinion on it, because he just kept wanting to do the quiz's with us, instead of telling me what he though of it. I love this author's work, because she truly understands what boys are like and what makes them interested in reading.BTW, the quiz's are fun for GIRLS too, thank you very much! Jake told me I liked it because I was a mom and not really a girl — I think that was a compliment.My only complaint is that I would have liked it to be bigger, with far more quiz's to keep my boys entertained.What was really nice about this type of book is that Dad gets involved too.
Mom's Rating: 9/10

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