The Fate Of The Phoenix (Star Trek Adventures, #11)


And the greatest Bromance in Space continues...

I'm not saying I like Spirk, mind you... but...

Oh, heck, I can't stay mad at you gals!This overwrought insanity is exactly what space soap opera was created for- getting a reaction. I raised this from my initial one star gut dislike years ago: because it's well-written.It's poetic, weirdly beautiful. It tends to over-speechify, and I'm SO tired of Omne, the unstoppable rapey villain.But its fans are not wrong.

I can't bring myself to buy into it, or think of it as canonical, but I'm willing to admit it happened SOMEWHERE. A Parallel Universe that's Extra EROTIC! (Thump, thump- I hear someone banging a broom on my ceiling for shouting EROTIC.)

I enjoyed the characterization of the female Romulan Commander (here given the name Di'on). She's mighty, and interesting. I can almost forgive how they transfer her on-screen desire for Spock over to a cut-rate Kirk with ear implants.There isn't enough about her, and WAY too much about Omne.

Is it possible to have a villain Mary Sue?Who shows up out of nowhere, has every skill, overpowers everybody, and becomes the main character?If so, they better be a Q.

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