Freedom Shift


Americans who are so demonstrably willing to labor and sacrifice for the benefit of their posterity can only allow the destruction of the forms that protect our freedoms if they do not understand what freedom is, nor how to maintain it.

A FreedomShift is needed today; and to accomplish it, Oliver DeMille proposes The 3 Choices to Reclaim America’s Destiny.

Can it be possible that such a peaceful revolution can be accomplished by three simple choices made by a relative few?

For meaningful and lasting change to take place, we must first clearly identify and articulate the problems. They are:

1. The Dominance of the Employee Mentality
2. The Two-Party Political Monopoly
3. The Industrial-Materialistic-Nationalized Mindset

And the three choices that can overcome these deep problems are:

1. A Revolution of Entrepreneurship
2. The Rise of the Independents
3. Building and Leading the New Tribes

Political parties, big business and the media misunderstand, underestimate or ignore The Three Choices, and regular citizens and future generations stand to suffer the consequences.

It is time for regular Americans, and others who support freedom around the world, to understand The Three Choices. When we do, expect a tectonic FreedomShift to sweep the nation and beyond.

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