My Fair Monster (Monsters in Hollywood, #2)


She agreed to everything but sex. She hadn't counted on his monstrous creativity...

Monsters in Hollywood, Book 2 Since the day three incredibly hot men in disguise walk into her office and proved Monsters are real, intrepid screenwriter Jane Darby is obsessed with one task: to give the creatures a mythical makeover by writing a revolutionary, blockbuster screenplay. Now if only she can get over her own fear—and get the closed-mouth Michael to talk about his people. Michael is fascinated by the demur and docile Jane, whose efforts to hold him at arm's length hide an untapped sexual passion—a beast within her waiting to be set free. There's only one way to get under her lovely skin: strike a bargain.

For one week, she agrees to let him do anything, anything, he wants. But Jane's got conditions. First, no actual sex. Second, she has to enjoy it. Jane's not really worried. What can happen if he sticks to the bargain? After all, she's not really turned on by the idea of Michael tying her down. Or bending her over his knee. Or...Gulp.

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