Revival Praying


Very little biographical information is available for Leonard Ravenhill.He rarely spoke of himself which is likely a reflection of his belief in exalting Christ and not self.Most of what we know about Ravenhill is from sources that knew him and the details he provided in sermons.He was an evangelist born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1907 and was used by God in revivals in Great Brittan before moving to American in 1950.Leonard Ravenhill was known for his focus on revival and his writing on the subject including the popular title, Why Revival Tarries.
Ravenhill preached in churches of many denominations, but was not ordained by any.His preaching is marked by calling sinners to repentance, insisting Christians live lives marked by holiness, and encouraging deeper prayer lives.Ravenhill claims to have been saved at age 14, but says he was baptized by the Holy Spirit at age 18 indicating belief in a Pentecostal system.However, Ravenhill also said he never spoke in tongues and said that baptism of the Holy Spirit is the same thing Wesley called sanctification and also said the only evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit is holy living.He rejected Christian Perfection, but preached a Wesleyan-Holiness higher Christian life theology.Ravenhill speaks of John Wesley frequently and wrote a biographical sketch of him.Wesley’s influence on Ravenhill is apparent.
Leonard Ravenhill was a mentor to Keith Green of Last Days Ministries based in Texas.Later in his life, Leonard moved to Texas close to Last Day Ministries where he led a weekly prayer meeting and taught classes before dying in November of 1994.

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