Scarlet Fever


The absolute drama that followed Houston Nutt over his last two years as the Razorback head football coach is something that was probably unprecedented in college football history. The drama was so complex, I waited another two years before compiling this story after his departure. During this debacle, as I covered the story as it unfolded, there were times when I was right and times when I was wrong. Information on most of these topics was typically scant and thus the rumor mongering on Razorback message boards was always in the front leading the rampage and the story. I was guilty of vacillating on both sides of this fight — and make no mistake, it was a fight. It was a fight for the soul of the program. The fan base became so fractured even the chancellor addressed that fact when Nutt finally left the Program with a $3 million payout to go coach at a competing team in the SEC.

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