The Incredible 5-point Scale


This second edition of THE INCREDIBLE 5-POINT SCALE book is a great resource for those in the education field and families touched by autism. This book expands on the first book by including new ideas for teaching and also rewarding behavior and social management skills. The book details how scales can be used to teach individuals who are non-verbal or who are on the more severe side of the spectrum. This technique is so basic and yet so easy-to-use and hands-on that anyone can start using the techniques immediately (either with a pad of paper and pencil or by simply printing off scales from the included CD).

The table of contents includes:

Introduction (using the scale, ultimate goals,a few personal examples)
The "Tried & True" Scales from the First Edition
***Volume Control
***Hurtful Words
***Home Scale
***Meeting Friends
***Taking Perspectives
***Touching Rules
***Understanding Feelings
***Monitoring Anxiety
Scales for Young Children
***Visual/Picture Scales
Scales for Students with More Classic Forms of Autism
***Concrete, Activity-Related Scales
***Anxiety-Related Scales
More "Pretty Good" Scale Ideas
Sample Goals and Objectives RElated to the Use of the 5-Point Scale

Also included is a CD which contains blank scales making it easy to create useful resources for your classroom or family member. Within minutes of opening up this book, you can come away with hands-on useful strategies to put to work immediately. These can be used by teachers, paraprofessionals and other campus staff members (like school psychologists and therapists) as well as readily usable by families in the home setting.

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