Prosperity: How to Attract it, is perhaps the most important classic on Law of Attraction, and one of the best written books on the subject. In it, Marden analyzes at length the law of attraction –in one of the best explanations ever conceived, and explains how a positive mind and self-faith are magnets for prosperity and joy, and will allow you to bring out the person you can be!

The author dedicated his life to gather the messages inspired in the wisdom of the ages, and to transfer them into dozens of books and thousands of pages, each and every one of them a true gem of the ages. In those books -considered ‘the premiere self-help collection of all times’- Marden was able to capture the essence of life, self-development and true success.
Although they are one hundred years old, his message is so current, that it seems to have been written precisely for our convulsed time. A time where, more than ever, we need perseverance, we need achievement, we need happiness and we need love.
The broadness of Marden’s education in history, philosophy, spirituality and more, and his ability to condense and transmit knowledge with remarkable clarity, and in an entertaining and engaging way, make these readings a requirement for whoever in this life is searching for success, or just looking for life’s answers.

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