Grand Prix


Grand Prix: Formula One in the deadly years is the story of a Formula One motor-racing driver in the deadly years of the 1970s.

William Archer, is the consummate risk taker, he is racing Formula One cars in the deadly years of the 1970’s where his chance of survival is one in three. Worse odd than a fighter pilot in war time. Deep down he knows that his chances of surviving are slim. Yet he gives those odds little thought as he fights to win the Formula One World Championship in what could be his last season.

To add to the risks, he isconfronted with problems largely of his own making causing infighting in his team while over extending himself financially and emotionally.

His refuge is his boat Imperialist, a one hundred foot ketch on which he spends as much time as possible. After years of one woman after another, he finally meets someone whom he can neither take nor leave.

The author shares his experiences, through Will Archer, of driving single-seater racing cars, crossing oceans in yachts, flying planes, and developing property in Central America, accurately putting the reader in the driver’s seat of all three, while affording him an insider’s view of Central America, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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