Big Ben (Puppy Patrol, #2)


Today I am writing a book review on a book called Big Ben, in my thoughtthis was a great book my favorite part in this book was probably when Sheba and Ben ran of and every one started to look for the two dogs and all of the kids came running through the cold snowing weather with the two dogs. This book reminded me of the time I last my dog and found him being just as excited as the kids were to bring the dogs back knowing there okay. When the dogs were first lost I made a prediction that they wouldn't be fount because three out of ten dogs lost are found, but I guess the owner's were one of the three lucky.
I would recommend this book to others because it is a great book that teaches you to get alone with neighbors and to keep up with every thing like pets and looking for them together. I think this is a just right book for me because I understood the vocabulary and all of the formats and the reason for that. One of the problems in this book was when Ms . Fitz and her neighbor’s did not get alone because she thought he’s and her dog were so perfect but Neil, Been and her mother just wanted to be friends. When each on the neighbor’s dogs became missing the problem became resolved my every one coming to find the dogs and they used team work and became friends .I was rely surprised when they became friends because the way they acted towards each other you would think they would be come friends for what has happened .I would like to finish the series because it was a great book with a good lesson to the book and stayed on one topic. I would give this book a five star try reading it for your self.

By : Blake Gartica

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