Stardust and Shadows (Saar, #2)


Doctor Jana Greyson didn't know what to believe. The last thing she remembered was lying safely in the arms of her beloved, Commander Varian Saar, aboard the starship Wanderlust. But she'd awakened from a deep, drugged sleep to find herself again the captive bride of Varian's evil half-brother, the handsome Prince Ryker Triloni, who was not even supposed to be alive! Even worse, Ryker insisted that Varian was about to wed another. Could Jana have given her love w the wrong man? Was Ryker really the one who deserved her passion ? Well-skilled at pleasing a Woman's heart as well as her body, he seemed everything his brother had been-and more. In a universe cloaked in stardust and shadows, could Jana ever hope to know the truth?

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