Rain in the Desert / Lluvia en el Desierto


(My Review in Poetry)

She combs these sands for flowers,
light dew, and the soft tongue
of an iguana. I've not seen her desert.
No. I've only imagined between raindrops
a burning bush, forever speaking words
like incense in the soft hairs of my ear.

The desert she speaks of contains me,
like wind blown in arabesques
around my soul.In her presence,
I am a hollow man, parched lips,
speaking words, phosphorescent
in the moonlight, weaving deep sorrow
in the white garment of my skin.

The radiance of her thirst still burns
like an oven somewhere the desert deep
baking prosforic bread, into small round stones,
sinking like a body
into the rubble of a broken dune.

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