How the Brain Learns to Read


The front half of this book is very interesting.It delves into the science of learning how to read and talks about the brain chemistry involved. The book is hard science but is written well so it's easy for non-scientifically minded to read. The front half of the book earns 5 stars because it talks nerdy very well.
The second half of the book goes into the practical of teaching reading. However, like many books in the field, it focuses mostly on elementary students. I know that as a secondary teacher I am a bit out of my league in a reading specialist program, but ii wish more research was done on older students and how to help them. The back half is boring and nothing all that new to a teacher with more than a few hours under their belt. It does have some good ideas, but nothing I haven't seen before. The back half earns 3 stars. The total of the book then is 4 stars.

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