Eternity Ring (Miss Silver, #14)


Frank Abbot is present when a distraught girl appears claiming to have seen a man dragging the corpse of a young woman. The corpse is wearing a very distinctive earring which looks like a diamond eternity ring but the second earring appears to be missing. It is not Frank's case and he was only there are the time because he was staying with his uncle and aunt. He is puzzled and asks his friend Miss Silver to come and stay and see if she thinks the girl is lying.

What follows is an intriguing mystery which may or may not involve Frank's cousin Cicely and her estranged husband, Grant Hathaway as well as many of the neighbours. It is thanks to Miss Silver that the missing corpse is eventually discovered but not until another murder has taken place and there are even more suspects in the frame.

I think this is one of Patricia Wentworth's best Miss Sliver mysteries featuring as it does her working in harmony with the police and making best use of her ability to fade into the background and be overlooked just when an intelligent listener is needed. It is an interesting study in character and motivation written to an extremely high standard and with some excellent dialogue and a very good plot.

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