Kosher and Traditional Jewish Cooking


- Discover the secrets of the Jewish kitchen with this beautiful new cookbook, featuring 130 fantastic, authentic recipes.
- Everything you need to know: background to the culinary history of the Jewish people, its food rules and laws, and all about the special equipment, ingredients and cooking techniques.
- Ever-popular dishes include dips and appetizers such as Baba Ghanoush, Herring Salad with Beetroot and Sour Cream, fish and meat dishes such as Ginger Fishballs in Tomato and Preserved Lemon Sauce and Jerusalem Barbecued Lamb Kebabs, salads such as Tabbouleh, breads such as New York Seeded Corn Rye Sourdough, and desserts such as Polish Apple Cake.

PDF Marlena Spieler download Kosher and Traditional Jewish Cooking

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