Forbidden Love Unchained 2


This is the Final book in the series. It is 72,000 words long.

The Thompson sisters are back and things seem to be going from bad to worse for them.Raven is still reeling from Mickey’s death, not knowing which direction to point her blade in order to exact her revenge. But luckily she has Jay at her side to comfort and support her and she is really going to need him right now, because she and her sister are being beset by enemies at every turn. And the worst part about the situation is that it’s someone they know who is trying to harm them but they don’t even know it. Will they figure out who is trying to kill them before it’s too late? Or will another one of the Thompson sisters become a tragic loss? Mel has opened her heart to love again. But someone has returned to the scene and wants to tear her and Nick apart. Add the fact that Ripper’s betrayals have created insecurities in her that are affecting her relationship, and can Mel and Nick’s love survive? Come take another ride with these characters as they go on one last journey and see what happens in the final showdown.

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