Birds of a Feather


For nearly ten years, Tim and Ramon have lived together as platonic research associates studying bird cognition. Until the morning Tim storms into Ramon’s bedroom to alert him that their parrot and research subject has flown the coop, they’ve never even seen each other naked.

When they fly to Brazil on the off-chance they’ll find their precious hyacinth macaw in the beautiful Pantanal region, Tim finds out more about the black sheep of Ramon’s Brazilian family than his tight-lipped research partner would even have disclosed. In the presence of Ramon’s off-beat but encouraging aunts, Tim rediscovers the comforts of family even as he finally realizes the depth of his attraction to Ramon.

As the love Tim and Ramon denied and feared and pushed aside for so many years bubbles up in them, their concerns are overthrown by sheer lust. Whether they find their bird or not on this trip, they’ve already found each other...

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