Star Wars Tales (Omnibus)


I read these collections when they were first released in the mid-90s and loved them. Reading them again now, with the addition of the prequel movies and mucho other novels and stories, gives me a new appreciation for the creativity and foresight that these authors and the editor showed in compiling these collections. Written and released in that strange but wonderful time of the early to mid-90s when all things Star Wars were just coming back into the forefront of culture, these three collections pad out the Star Wars universe (that was known at the time) with the stories of many of the background characters seen in the Mos Eisley Cantina, the bounty hunter scene in "The Empire Strikes Back," and in Jabba's Palace. Centered around a core event, each group of stories revolves in its own ways and within the stories to give a much broader look at what might have been going on outside of the camera's view. The cohesiveness of most of the stories directly interrelating to each other is a great touch, allowing us opportunities to see the same events or things (such as the Cantina Band's music) through various eyes and viewpoints. There is also a nice thread that runs throughout the three collections themselves, with certain characters reappearing and seeing multiple events with the benefit of having seen the others. This omnibus collects all three "Tales" books; you can read them individually, if you'd like, and get wonderful reading experiences, but I suggest reading them in order, as the editor chose them to appear that way for very specific reasons.

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