Double Stuffed Coed


When sexy college coed Valerie agrees to spend her Friday night working, she figures she's in for a tame evening.
That all changes when her clients turn out to be two hunky men who are in the mood to play... with Valerie.
WARNING: This red hot 3700 word story contains one slutty college girl in a sultry M/F/M threesome with fondling, fingering, orgasmic oral sex, anal play, and intense double penetration sex that will leave you trembling and begging for more...


Russell’s staring at me intently.
“You’re really gorgeous, you know that?” He asks, and turns to Angelo. “She’s just as hot as Kat, don’t you think?”
Angelo nods eagerly, his eyes trailing up and down my body. “Definitely. You’re like a Barbie doll with that blonde hair, and those long legs.” He takes a step toward me.
“And those perfectly perky tits.” Russell says, licking his lips.
I look from Russell to Angelo, trying to work out what’s going on here.
“Valerie, will you stay the night with us?” Angelo asks, taking another step towards me. Then another.
“I thought you guys were, you know, together?” I ask. As much as I’d love to be in an Angelo and Russell sandwich, I don’t want to get the wrong impression and make a fool of myself.
“We are,” Russell says. “But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to play every now and then.”
Angelo’s directly in front of me now, so close that I can smell his musky cologne. I look up at his handsome face and he leans down, placing his soft lips against mine.
I lean into the kiss, and open my mouth underneath of his. His tongue traces my bottom lip before kissing me deeply. Angelo is an amazing kisser.
Russell comes up behind me, his solid, strong body pressing against my back. He leans down and kisses my neck. Rough stubble scratches against my skin.
Both Angelo’s and Russell’s hands begin to move across my body, exploring and caressing while they continue to kiss me. I writhe under those greedy hands, my skin coming alive.
I reach one hand up to Angelo’s head, running my fingers through his thick, soft hair. My other hand goes behind me, grabbing Russell’s firm butt and pressing him closer to me...

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