Myths, Mayhem, & Sweet Tea


Ancient gods. Mother Earth. And the greatest power of all.
Long ago, man was ruled by superstition, worshipping the Gods of Land, Sea, and Air. It was comfort and security. But modern man has evolved, relegating the gods to myth and legend. They’re not real.
Or are they?
Being a god isn’t easy. Loki should know. Play one harmless prank on the All Father and you’re branded for eternity. Add in arrogant pantheons and a secret only but a few know, then its little wonder he’s lived the majority of his long life among the humans. And romantic entanglements? Uh, no.
There’s a saying about gift horses. A shame that didn’t pertain to Creed Donahue’s latest assignment. At least he wasn’t freezing his balls like the last one. Then again, meeting Loki, the Loki, has him thinking more about his sanity than any shit assignment.
The Sleepers must never be free.
Fate has a way of balancing the scales. Whether it’s justice, vengeance, or love, no one is exempt. Not even the gods. Because change is coming. For Creed and Loki, their epic tale of battle, love and loss, is just the beginning.

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