The Fortress


Six unlikely heroes. Two worlds enveloped by darkness. Only one chance at redemption. In the real world, Hayden Smith is in a coma, fighting for his life from an apparent suicide. Rookie homicide Detective Torben Mayes is assigned the case because no one else is available at the moment. However, he is instructed to close the case quickly without much of an investigation. He is reluctant, because something doesn't feel right about the assignment. The more he looks into Hayden's past, the more unexplainable events he uncovers, including the deaths of Hayden's wife and child in an automobile accident the previous year. The past year of Hayden's life has been a mystery. Feeling an immediate connection with the motionless man in the hospital bed, he feels God has called him to uncover the truth. In a parallel world, Hayden wakes up, his memory is only broken and unexplainable fragments. No electricity. No hospitals. No roads or vehicles. No elementary schools or universities. No modern technological conveniences. As he is drawn deeper into this strange place, he discovers that he has entered a world in which Jesus has never been born. Evil reigns. Hope is scattered. Mercy and love are rarely known. Hayden soon discovers that he is the world's greatest hope against the dark kingdom of Babylon that rules there. Racing against time, and with merciless foe Abaddon Dearth in pursuit, Hayden and a band of misfits flee for the ancient City of Refuge to find safety. The Fortress is an exciting tale of romance, love, faith, and what is possible when people finally believe in the power of God.

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