The Life And Times Of Drer


A very tiring read in two ways. First, Dürer is so full of himself and, second, the author is so gushing about his acconplishments that he seems almost supernatural. His dreadfultreatment of his wife is dismissed, he is the 'reformer' of iconography, he pioneers perspective and proportioning in Germany using an understanding of maths, he foreshadows mannerism, is celebrated around Europe, supports the Lutheran revolution which was to end German painting, he is a naturalist, animal lover, anatomist. And on and on. A rare genius undoubtedly and I love his illustration work above all, but seldom have i so tired of the person whose biography I've chosen to read. Must be the biographer. The captions to the many images in the book are oddly placed and not easy to match with their images. Two stars.

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