Rafting the Grand Canyon (bucket adventure guides Book 1)


Looking for adventure before the Grim Reaper knocks on your door? If rafting the Grand Canyon is on your bucket list (and it should be), this book can answer your questions and maximize your adventure.

Packed with photographs and illustrations, Rafting the Grand Canyon explains what to expect and how to prepare for the trip of a lifetime. This bucket adventure guide contains answers to specific questions about the Grand Canyon and rafting the Colorado River. Topics include the differences between commercial and noncommercial trips, the types of boats used, and the lengths of trips. The material is cross linked for easy reference both within the book and to external web links.

Organized into four sections, the guide provides invaluable information on what to bring, a list of the commercial outfitters licensed by the National Park Service, and a description of the rapids with points of interest. In addition, the reader can enjoy brief descriptions of

~ the oddball characters who have traveled through the Grand Canyon,
~ the wildlife that might be encountered,
~ the rock formations that will be encountered, and
~ the imminent threats to the Canyon’s very existence.

Included are fascinating stories about:
~ the one-armed Civil War veteran who explored the Colorado River while sitting in a chair;
~ an attempt to build a railroad through the Canyon;
~ a honeymoon couple who mysteriously disappeared while rafting in an unusual boat;
~ two men who swam the entire length of the Canyon because they could not afford a raft;
~ a horrific midair collision over the Canyon that led to vast improvements in aviation safety; and
~ proposals to dam the Colorado and flood the Canyon.

This guide even includes a glossary of “Grand Canyon” terms and an explanation of how one goes about getting a permit from the National Park Service for a noncommercial trip.

Whether you plan on taking a commercial or noncommercial raft trip through the depths of the “Great Unknown,” this book will enhance your experience.

A note on bucket adventure guides: This book is the first volume in a series of informative and entertaining ebooks that will include:

Hiking Machu Picchu: Somewhat amusing and accurate answers to common and uncommon questions about visiting the Lost City of the Incas

Driving New Zealand: How to navigate the wrong side of the road down under without running over a kiwi or being run over by a Kiwi

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