A Legend Among Us


Linda Black recounts the life of baseball legend, Bill McCrary; aka “Youngblood.” I absolutely adored this nonfiction book because it taught me about a history I may have otherwise overlooked. I’m a huge baseball fan, and it was interesting and eye-opening to learn about the segregation of teams. These players triumphed in the face of adversity, especially Youngblood.
This book doesn’t just tell the story of McCrary’s career, it gives a history of his entire life from early childhood to old age. McCrary’s life is amazing; he overcame so much, and touched so many people by being an all-around helpful, kind, faithful man. Moreover, the love story between him and his wife will make you swoon! It’s so sweet.
McCrary met a lot of influential people in his life, especially people affiliated with baseball. This book introduces a number of those people, such as “Buck” O’Neil, who was the first baseman and manager in the Negro American League.
If you were ever interested in learning baseball’s history, this book should be in your repertoire.

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