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This is something of a self absorbed encyclopdeia of the history of bread and the cooking of bread both with and without a machine. The recipes are very exacting and the measurements are rather difficult for the average person to decipher at times. However, I practically live by this book; I call it my 'Bread Bible'. Bread is a lot more forgiving than these folks would have you believe. But the history and information on every possible ingredient is great reading by itself, and the recipes have proven time and again to be great for taste and art. I don't measure nearly as carefully as I used to when I first got this book- I just scoop and toss. That's sort of the way I have fallen in the world, I suppose. It's an excellent book and mine is getting better each year as I make notes all through the recipes and add more general notes inside the covers.
I absolutely love this book. Mine is hard cover, it's as much a coffee table book as anything, and now it smells of yeast and flour and warm winter kitchens. Can a person fall any more in love with a book?

I just have to come back and emphasize my love for this book. I just tried two new recipes out of it, one by hand and one in a machine, and both came out looking at least as good as the photos. I beat the photo curse, whereby photo foods are so dressed up for photogenuity that one can never achieve the same appearance without a professional food make up artist! Yee-haw! An honest book and a learning reader, there is no better combination!

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