Although Horses: Trotting! Prancing! Racing! is technically a work of fiction (it's shelved in the xzs, or picture book section, I imagine that it would make a great addition to a first grade classroom because it's quite comprehensivein its coverage of horses while also being short and having very appealing illustrations. In rhyming text, it talks about caring for horses ("Clean their stalls! Fill their pails! Brush their bodies, manes, and tails. Wipe their ears. Shine their feet. Give them apples for a treat."), what they like to eat ("They like to graze on tasty grass— that's how their lazy days all pass."), what kind of things horses do, and how horses may look ("A horse can be black, brown, or bay, palomino, chestnut, gray; have freckles, streaks, and polka dots, be black and white with splotchy spots."). The watercolor and pencil illustrations are clear yet soft—they make you feel cheerful just by looking at it.I've come to realize that there aren't actually a lot of great horse books that are appropriate for storytime, so this a must-read for little horse lovers.

Ages 3-6 years old (it was a little boring for the 8 year olds in storytime, but they managed to stay focused).

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