Find Your Passion in 24 Hours!


Find Your Passion in 24 Hours with 50 Best Strategies
Many of us skip through our days, filling time and just getting by while we wish and dream for something more. We may experience guilt when we indulge in our passions because we fret about how it may conflict with our responsibilities. We think that in some way, fulfilling others' needs, living up to others' expectations, and following the standard path, is what we need to be doing.

If you feel like your life is lacking passion, what do you do? Obviously you do what you are passionate about, but how do you find out what your passion is in the first place? You can find answers in this book.


What Will You Learn From This Book...
*Know Yourself
*Figure Out What Excites You
*What Are Your Hobbies?
*What Are You Effortlessly Good At?
*What Did You Excel At in School?
*Remember Your Childhood Passions
*Are You Holding On to Your Childhood Dreams?
*When Do You Enter into a "Flow?"
*What Do You Read About Most?
*What Type of Events Do You Attend Most?
*What Clubs or Forums Are You a Member Of?
*Is There Some Other Job Role That Excites You?
*What Makes You Curious?
*What Fulfills You?
*Who Are Your Heroes?
*Do You Want to Emulate Your Heroes?
*What Would You Do for Free?
*What Would You Do Without Rewards?
*Ask Others to Help You Find Your Passion
*What Will You Regret Not Doing During Your Lifetime?
*Does the Work You Want to Do Align With Your Ethics?
*Realize Passions are Unique to Individuals
*Be Bold
*Be Calm
*Jot Down Your Answers
*Are You Living Your Passion Unknowingly?
*Create a Shortlist of Your Passions
*Believe the Universe Will Guide You
*Believe in Coincidences
*Put Your List on Trial
*Do Not Set Goals
*Do Not Measure Success in Terms of Money
Note Your Experiences
*Know When to Quit
*Try Not Doing Something You Love for a While
*Find Ways to Earn Money from Your Passion
*Find Ways to Work Part-Time on Your Passion

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