Time to travel the world and get outside my traditional Western reads. It’s off to New Zealand and the godfather of Kiwi crime writing. Paul Thomas’ Tito Ihaka is a hulking Maori detective with a penchant for making his own rules.

We’ve got two cold cases. One involving the death of teenaged girl at a swanky upper crust party, the other is no less than the death of Tito’s own father that may not have been the premature heart attack it’s been written off as. Throw in another side plot involving a former best friend and disgraced cop and you’ve got a ripping good yarn.

I’ll take Nesbo’s Harry Hole over Ihaka any day but translated to the screen, Tito would be just the right kind of neither black or white, imposing menace you wouldn’t want be on the wrong side of. This could be a compellingly dark world worth exploring.

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