Lady Samantha de Witt's beauty was unparalleled. From birth, everyone who saw her knew she'd one day take London by storm, be the belle of the ball, marry a handsome duke, and live happily ever after.

Until a careless accident left her broken and ugly. A careless mistake that resulted in scars on her face, chest, and hands. Lady Samantha was no longer beautiful. So she lost herself in horses, music, art, and every other thing she could do, doing it with all the perfection her face no longer possessed.

But years pass and London beckons. The urge for more beckoned, the urge to see the best of what the metropolis had to offer instead of just reading about it in whatever periodical she could find. London beckoned and Lady Samantha, at the tender age of 17, determined to make her debut.

Little does she realize that London does indeed hold everything she desires, including a man who could see through the scars to the beauty hidden within.

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