Backdoor Bonanza


Here’s a scorching hot bundle of first anal sex stories from Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press. Here, the girls get it in their tiniest and tightest holes for the very first time. Rough sex, stranger sex, public sex, first anal sex and much, much, more!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of first anal sex and includes rough sex, public sex, stranger sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.
1. Christine Takes it in the Backdoor: A First Anal Sex Erotica Short by Fran Diaz
Christine can’t believe the guy her cousin’s set her up with for a blind date. It’s a nightmare that ends in an explosive argument. She’s happy to be done with him, but when Peter shows up the next morning with flowers, pizza, and an apology; she starts to warm up to him. Of course, she didn’t realize he’d brought one more gift—his thick, hard cock ready to plow into her tiny ass to give her a rough first anal sex experience!
2. Bent Over at the Country Club: A Public Sex Short by Geena Flix
Hollie has a big crush on Grady, the senior frat boy, but she’s only a freshman and doesn’t think he likes her. So, she’s very surprised when he invites her to a party at his country club. She gets even more surprised when he abandons the girls surrounding him and takes the college girl to a bench, where he bends her over and fucks her right in public, and she even has her first anal sex!
3. A Special Gift for Steve: First Anal Sex Erotic Short by Hope Parsons
We had the perfect relationship, great sex without the commitment and all the hassles that go along with a traditional relationship. Steve would rock my world once a week like clockwork and then we would hang out and have fun—pretty straightforward. Well after four years of this perfect situation, I decided to reward Steve for being the wonderful friend that he has been. What do you give a guy like that for his birthday? How about letting him be my first anal sex experience?
4. He's Taking my Ass: A Rough First Anal Sex Short by Jeanna Yung
Regina can’t believe how attractive her new neighbor Neal is. When he comes over, she’s even more turned on. He likes her, too. In their first meeting, they end up together, and she’s in for a surprise. Neal likes it rough, and he’s after her tight, untouched ass. It’s a rough first anal sex experience as only Jeanna Yung can write it.
5. Bent Over and Breathing Funny: A Rough First Anal Sex Srotry by Kaddy DeLora
It’s good when sex leaves you breathless, but not when it comes out of complete shock because someone has just without warning given you your first anal sex experience! That’s what happens when an exotic dancer makes her first real foray into doing more than dance and meets her first john at his expensive hotel suite. She surprised and overwhelmed, bent over and breathing funny while he’s oblivious to what he’s putting her through.

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