For centuries, magicians have compiled grimoires to call up demons. In Victorian London, one ambitious warlock, Peter Owling, designed a book of shadows to summon the Lord of the Demons - Satan himself. The plan backfired, Owling was killed and the book was ripped into four pieces and sent to the far corners of the earth. One fragment wound up in a shipment of books destined for the Colonies.

Now, at Humberstone College, a converted 19th-century Gothic convent in Melbourne, a power-hungry group of academics is reassembling Owling's grimoire, bent on the pursuit of eternal life. But they have reckoned without the interference of three twenty-something masters students: Holly, Prudence and Justin.

When Holly makes contact and falls in love with the ghost of the young man who was once Owling's assistant, the academics begin to fear that their dark secret - the grimoire which is so near to completion - is not as safe as they had previously thought.

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